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Bio: Welcome! Thank you for visiting my blog. I decided to create a blog to memorialize for myself this new chapter of discovery in my life. It’s also a way for my family and friends to join me on my journey of adventure and discovery. I would love to retire abroad and my husband and I enjoy traveling. Life keeps changing and right now, we plan on staying in Wisconsin. I do dream of someday being able to retire abroad. I don't spend a lot of time blogging right now because I work full time and have have a busy life. I do enjoy the little blogging I can squeeze in here and there, and if you care to read along, welcome aboard!

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  1. Hi Karen! Excited to start reading your blog! My husband and I have been researching Panama and visiting the country for the past two plus years. By the way, we just got our temporary pensionado visa while visiting Panama last month! We decided it would be much easier to work on it while in the States. We are moving to Panama this summer 🙂 Keep posting!

    • Hello Allison!
      I have read your blog too and enjoy it so thanks! That’s great news about your pensionado. Thanks for the encouragement. It’s been sooo helpful reading other people’s blogs. It will be interesting to see how mine progresses!

  2. Yes Kris that’s our plan. We have a house to sell but we are hopeful it won’t take too long. We will rent first and decide where we want to live from there. We love hiking so Boquete is perfect for us and it’s been so cold and snowy this year in Wisconsin I don’t think I will miss that either! Thanks for coming along on my adventure. Now to keep learning more Spanish 🙂

      • Luckily hubby speaks Spanish but I’m determined to learn it. It’s amazing how much faster you learn when immersed. You are an inspiration for me Kris!

    • It’s okay if it’s not all together, we’re human after all. But it’s better to try. I’m so thankful for the internet. Just think how much harder it would have been to do research 20 or 25 years ago. So, thanks Internet 🙂

  3. Hey Karen!! Oh Mannnn…I wish you would have connnected with us while you where here visiting! Darn! Well, I’ll really look forward to following your journey and if I can lend a hand with anything dont hesitate to communicate with me! Welcome to this fun world of blogging. Some of my favorite friends, I have met from my blog! Cheers!

  4. Good luck in making the transition to Panama. This may sound silly, but one step to learning the language is to talk to yourself in Spanish. For example, what you put in your morning cafe isn’t sugar anymore. Start thinking of it as azucar and call it that when you need or use it. Same with leche and other things you encounter every day. Pretend you have an imaginary friend spending time with you and they only speak Spanish, so explain to them what you’re doing, what you’re seeing, etc. I know it sounds silly, but I think it helps.

    Of course I’m sort of in a ‘total immersion’ situation because NONE of my neighbors ‘vecinos’ speak English, but I find myself talking to myself in Spanish all the time without even thinking about it. Of course ‘buenos dias,’ ‘gracias’ and ‘hola’ are just automatic, requiring zero thought, but I catch myself asking questions of my self like, ‘Donde esta me camisa? etc.

    DON’T be afraid of making mistakes. I mutilate the language. I hear the errors the instant they pass over my tongue and between my lips, but ‘no me importa’ (I don’t care.). And it seems the Panamanians don’t care, either. Accept this single fact. You will NEVER become FLUENT. But all you need to aim for is to become PROFICIENT! Sometimes in life you have to accept that some things in life are just fine when they’re ‘good enough.’

    • Thank you for the words of wisdom oldsalt. I’m fortunate that i’m able to listen to Spanish radio and CD’s most of my day. I have even had a dream in Spanish recently! I will keep you posted how I’m progressing.

    • I didn’t go anywhere without my book either. It was so much easier learning while immersed. Hubby and I try to speak to each other but he is way beyond me but it is fun trying and my mistakes can be funny too. For breakfast one day I thought I was ordering juega pina. I ended up with a pineapple shake. I hope I order that again, it was asambroso!

  5. A dream already? Wow! That means the language is working its way into your subconscious. Being here in Panama is the second time I’ve been forced to learn another language. I lucked into a job where I lived on the French Riviera for nearly 3 years. I distinctly remember the first time I had a dream in French. I WOKE UP!!! I said, ‘Hey, this is serious. French is becoming a part of me for real.’
    I dream in Spanish all the time. As with the French dreams, using the language is always appropriate. That is, if a neighbor happens to pop up in a dream I’d naturally speak to them in Spanish because they wouldn’t understand me if I spoke to them in English. They don’t speak English, so as they say in France…’voilà!’

    • Oui, c’est bien! I took six years of French when I was younger mais j’oublie. Spanish is a beautiful language and I will get there eventually. I kept slipping into French in my Spanish class. It was quite funny!

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