Goodbye Jax and Naomi

Since moving to Texas, we have lost two of our pets who we loved so much.  Jax was David’s Airedale terrier who was 14 years old.  He was a wonderful boy!  He was David’s buddy and loved spending time with him, going for walks, and just being with him.  He was very gentle and loving.  I will sure miss him.


Our little Naomi was only 2 years old.  She was sick when we left Wisconsin, but then recovered and then became sick again.  We were concerned it was the same sickness, but sadly it was not related.  She had a very rare form of lung cancer.  We brought her home from the vets and spent a few more tearful days with her, until it was time to say goodbye. It was heartbreaking as she was so young.  I had never had cats before Jasmine and Naomi. Naomi’s name means “pleasantness.”  This was her persona exactly.  She was cuddly, sweet, loving and enjoyed following us around and always by our side.  I’m surprised that I could love a cat as much as I did her.  She would greet us at the door and even play fetch with her plastic springs.  One of the saddest things that still happens is how Jasmine will walk around at night crying for her, looking for her to play with.  We are still mourning, but doing better.  Of course, Jasmine is getting a lot of attention, love and snuggles.  She needs comforting too.


Goodbye my sweet companions.