Life in Temple

Life in Texas is a little different than Wisconsin, at least different from Madison that is.  Life is a little slower here.  People don’t seem to be in as much of a rush.  Perhaps that is just because it’s a smaller town, or maybe it’s Southern Hospitality, but either way, I really like it.

When we first moved here and went to the grocery store, my first time out shopping I struck up three conversations with total strangers.  Each one said “Welcome to Texas!” and I think they truly meant it.  I also ended up with three new recipes and was invited to three different churches.  Temple is fairly diverse, not quite as diverse as Madison, but I think because of Scott & White Hospital/Healthcare, more diverse.  I really like it.  I enjoy people and learning new languages, and there is no shortage here.

Temple, Texas, has been ranged a top city for “starting over” and I can see why.  With Lake Belton, Stillhouse Lake, the delicious BBQ, amazing Mexican food and great healthcare, in addition to low cost of living, it really is a great place to move to.  I won’t say that moving here after living in Wisconsin my entire life was totally carefree, and there was more of an adjustment than I had anticipated, but…life here is very good.  And so far, we feel like Texas is now our home.

Enjoy the pictures from hiking at Miller Spring’s Nature Center.  The pictures of the lake were taken when we drove over the dam on our way to the Nature Center.  Beautiful!



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