Weekly Photo Challenge: Depth

This week’s weekly photo challenge is depth.  This is a photo from when two very good friends of ours (myself and hunny bunny) were married in Jamaica on the beach.  It was an incredibly beautiful wedding.  The bride and groom were both barefoot, as were all the guests.  The bride’s sister created this heart shape out of sand on the floor of the oceanside gazebo where the wedding took place.  It was really breathtaking.  It was a beautiful day, sunny, on the beach in Jamaica.  And my friends were very much in love, and still are.  This was also the first trip my husband and I made, before we were husband and wife.  This was the trip where we fell in love and knew we wanted to spend our lives together.  And, my two friends were instrumental in my husband and I meeting, thus the warm, fond memories of looking at the foot imprints in the sand.  The foot imprints that you do see in the sand on the right side are from the bride.  She kept wiggling her feet as they sank further and further into the sand.  It almost reminded me of Dorothy clicking her ruby slippers together, not wanting to believe she was going home.  It was really that good.  The groom stood solid, holding hands with his bride, unmoving, sturdy and like a rock that he is to her.

Foot prints in sand

Foot prints in heart

The wedding gazebo

The wedding gazebo


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