New Year and New Beginnings

Feliz Ano Nuevo!  Happy New Year!  I took this pic of us on Christmas Eve to send to hubby’s three sisters in California.  We had a very nice Christmas and stayed home New Year’s Eve and watched movies and played with our new kitty we adopted!  Her name is Naomi and she is such a sweet girl.  We adopted her from a local animal shelter, and we liked her name so we decided to keep it.  Our 2-year-old kitty, Jasmine, wasn’t too sure at first, but they are adjusting and starting to play together now.  She is such a sweety and loves to snuggle!  We don’t have any travel plans for now, but it’s still early in the year and I’m sure we will be heading off to another fun adventure before the year is over.  I wish all of my readers a very happy New Year full of family, love and friendship.  These are the things that matter the most to me and what life is all about.