TRT. Tummy Rub Tuesday

It’s really no secret that I love my cat Jasmine. Here is a cute pic for Tummy Rub Tuesday.




My “wild” life

Tommy and Brownie. Charlotte is too shy for pictures. Tommy is the gray fluffy one, and Brownie is the white and orange spotted kitty.



We live outside of the city, in a development but on the edge next to several farms and farmland. We have a cat colony of three kitties that are in our neighborhood. I’ve been doing a lot of research and have found that feral cats in Wisconsin tend to only live 2-3 years. Unless, they have a caretaker (That wold be me!) then they can live up to 10 years in the wild. My husband and I are both animal lovers. We have our beautiful pretty princess Jasmine, and three Airedale terriers who my husband has joint custody of with his ex-wife. We have a lot of squirrels, chipmonks, rabbits and even a groundhog who lives under our neighborh’s shed. The groundhog’s name is Pete. I wonder if Pete even knows that’s his name. So my husband started putting out nuts for the little critters. We also have many bird feeders for the birds. One day Tommy showed up and we gave him some cat food. So I instantly started researching feral cats in Wisconsin. Turns out it’s ok and even a good thing to help care for them. They are territorial and usually have 3-4 cats in a colony. Ours has three. We don’t really know how old they are or if they are even boys or girls. We plan on taking them to a special clinic this spring that does spaying and neutering for cats just like them. They actually do a lot of good around the neighborhood, such as keeping the vole population down, etc. Tommy hisses and meows, but never shows any signs of aggression. He even sleeps under our porch. Brownie purrs when she comes around and prefers hard food over wet like Tommy likes.

So I thought it was time I shared the rest of my “family” with my page. Someday I will have another post on Chipper the squirrel and Pepper the rabbit.