I’m still here!

Hello everyone!
Yes, it has been a while. Life has been busilly happening while I’ve been away. Work has been crazy with the new ICD-10 billing coming next October, and so many other things going on in my life right now. Many good things! Two of my nieces had sweet little baby girls, hooray! And, our house is on the market. We have had a lot of interest, but no buyers yet. The selling season is starting to slow down with fall approaching, and if it doesn’t sell by the end of October, we will probably take it off the market and relist it in the spring. We still plan on heading to Portugal, and have narrowed it down to start off in Coimbra. We’ve still been selling things here and there and giving things away, and once our house sells it will be a mad dash to sell everything else. We plan on traveling light, and only bringing things of sentimental value. We don’t really have a lot, because we haven’t been living here that long. We both moved in about three years ago, and we didn’t really have much because we were both justs divorced and left most of the household with our previous spouses. That has made it easier for moving, because we don’t have 25 or 35 year’s worth of stuff to get rid of. And, we just aren’t really like that, being attached to things. I do have some things that are sentimental to me, but they will be coming along.

I wish I had more to write about right now, but we are kind of just in a lull, waiting for our house to sell and living life as normally as we can until then. It’s hard not knowing when we will move because I’m just such a planner. I want to book our travel plans now! But, it has given us time to do more research on things like healthcare, working, visa, etc. I’m trying to learn Portuguese, and it’s a little difficult because I don’t have anyone to practice with. I will get there though!

And for now,


2 thoughts on “I’m still here!

  1. I’m glad our paths crossed and I can’t help but feel surprised about someone from Southern Wisconsin wanting to move to Portugal!
    I’m no good with bureaucracy but if there’s anything thing I can help you with (info, tips, etc., even some help with the language) feel free to send me an e-mail (you can find find more about me on the “About me” (!) section on the right column of my blog). I’ll be glad to help!

    • Muite obrigada! Yes me too. I did take a look around your blog and found it very interesting. The bureaucracy of obtaining a resident visa in Portugal is pretty straightforward, and we already have all of our documents in order. As for why Portugal, well many reasons. We looked at Panama, Costa Rica and Ecuador, but Costa Rica has some things the others do not. Since I will be working part time, infrustructure was important, and the electricity and internet go out quite often and regularly in those other countries which would make it diffciult for me to work. I can work around a little bit of that, but it would be very difficult after a while. Also, we didn’t love the weather. We are from Wisconsin, well Hubby is from California originally, but it gets downright cold and snowy here! We both love fall and the cooler weather it brings, but also like the change of seasons. Portugal has some weather variation, but not the 100 inches of snowfall each winter and bitter cold winter. We love to hike, and I also do photography and there is just so much of that to do there. Also, it will be fun exploring the rest of Europe while we are there. My grandparents were from France, Germany and Austria, it will be interesting to see where they came from.

      Thank you so much for generous offer of information. I just may ask you in the future as our move gets closer for more information. We are planning on starting out in Coimbra, and venture out from there.
      Boa noite!

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