Once A Week

I will try to blog at least a little bit once a week. I really started this blog just for myself as a way to document this new adventure in our lives for me to reflect on our transition. We have someone coming next Saturday to look at our house. If it doesn’t sell by the end of October we will take it off the market and re-list it again in the spring. I really hope it sells, as I don’t want to spend another winter here. My drive to work is horrible right now as the entire highway is being re-paved. In the winter when it’s snowing, it can take me two hours to get to work. Ugh…just shoot me now! Luckily I can use vacation time to make up the hours, but it’s hard to get my work done when I’m not there. I’m the only one who does my job, and right now I don’t have any backup assistants. I used to have two, but one was fired and the other one is being used in another department right now, and they are only allowed to work so many hours a year, and she just doesn’t have time to help me. Which is quite a shame, as she does an excellent job. Also, with ICD-10 being implemented next October, it means I have some major studying to do to transition our facility. For those of you who don’t know what ICD-10 is, it is the format that medical facilities use to obtain reiumbursement. So basically, you have a diagnosis, and each diagnosis has a number assigned to it, with many variations depending on if it is right sided, left sided, first occurrence, etc.

And…tomorrow is my 50th birthday. I don’t feel 50! Well, most days I dont. Hunny Bunny was so very sweet and sent me a beautiful boutquet of flowers with a balloon to work on Thursday. I was off on Friday, and he wanted to surprise me, and he did! I’m always so touched with his devotion and kindness to me. Ahhh..can you tell we’re still newlyweds? I hope it never rubs off, because I sure do love what we have. Okay, now I’m rambling.

I’m still trying to learn Portuguese and it’s coming along. I started listening to Portuguese radio at work on my smart phone. Every once in a while I can catch a word or two. Lucky language comes easy for me, but not as easy as when I was 15. So for now, boa noite!10636090_10204065339046154_6219464798795956211_n


I’m still here!

Hello everyone!
Yes, it has been a while. Life has been busilly happening while I’ve been away. Work has been crazy with the new ICD-10 billing coming next October, and so many other things going on in my life right now. Many good things! Two of my nieces had sweet little baby girls, hooray! And, our house is on the market. We have had a lot of interest, but no buyers yet. The selling season is starting to slow down with fall approaching, and if it doesn’t sell by the end of October, we will probably take it off the market and relist it in the spring. We still plan on heading to Portugal, and have narrowed it down to start off in Coimbra. We’ve still been selling things here and there and giving things away, and once our house sells it will be a mad dash to sell everything else. We plan on traveling light, and only bringing things of sentimental value. We don’t really have a lot, because we haven’t been living here that long. We both moved in about three years ago, and we didn’t really have much because we were both justs divorced and left most of the household with our previous spouses. That has made it easier for moving, because we don’t have 25 or 35 year’s worth of stuff to get rid of. And, we just aren’t really like that, being attached to things. I do have some things that are sentimental to me, but they will be coming along.

I wish I had more to write about right now, but we are kind of just in a lull, waiting for our house to sell and living life as normally as we can until then. It’s hard not knowing when we will move because I’m just such a planner. I want to book our travel plans now! But, it has given us time to do more research on things like healthcare, working, visa, etc. I’m trying to learn Portuguese, and it’s a little difficult because I don’t have anyone to practice with. I will get there though!

And for now,

Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance

This week’s weekly photo challenge is endurance. I snapped this pic of the geese heading south for the winter, and I was thinking of the long journey ahead of them. I don’t really know exactly where they end up, but I do know they travel all the way from Canada to the southern half of the US. It’s also a sign that winter is on it’s way, and reminds me that the snow is not far away. Hmm..maybe the geese are smarter than they appear.