Big Changes Ahead!

Isn’t it funny how life has a way of changing? Sometimes our best laid plans never come to fruition. But, sometimes the changes are for the better. Well, our change of plans is a biggie. As we’ve been waiting for David’s Social Security to be Apostilled, it’s given us time to mull over something that was on both of our minds. How much we will miss fall and the seasons. Now, even though I’m from Wisconsin, I don’t love winter. I don’t mind a little snow at first or even at Christmas, but I tire of it after a few weeks, and I really dislike my long commute when it snows, which can take up to two hours one way. We have nothing negative to say about Panama, and we really enjoyed our two weeks there. I could see myself being happy there. But, I could see myself enjoying Portugal more.


So as we were trying to decide between the two countries, we made a list of negatives and positives. They both had many, but Portugal won, and I must say I’m very content and excited about our decision. One big number on my list was the reliability of the internet and electricity. Internet more than the electricity, because you can always get a generator. Since I will be working from home, even though part time, I need the internet. I could work around a small outage here and there, but that combined with the climate that we both prefer in Portugal, it looks like Portugal is where we will be heading. Also, Portugal is a gateway to explore Europe, someplace I’ve always wanted to go and visit where my grandparents are from. We’re considering the city of Coimbra for any of you out there who are interested, which is a city between Lisbon, the Capital, and Porto, the second largest city. There’s a train that travels between the two cities and it takes about 1-1/2 hours to either city. There are also a few shopping malls in Coimbra, though I’m not really a big shopper, but I like knowing they are there in case I need something. They also have the open-air fruit and vegetable markets, and fish is really big in Portugal, which we love. I’m really thankful that I’ve spend as much time as I have learning Spanish, because Portugal is very close and I’m hoping it will be easier for me to learn. Luckily, I pick up languages fairly quickly.


We still need to sell our house and wrap things up here with work for myself and David, and make arrangements for the actual move. We plan on taking a cruise to Lisbon or Spain, and from there make our way to Coimbra, which is not that far. I hope all of my followers will stay along for the ride, and wish me luck!



One thought on “Big Changes Ahead!

  1. I’ve been travelling so I’m just getting caught up on my reading. Our plan was to stay in Panama for five to ten years and then see where the mood took us. Interesting that we were talking about Portugal just before I left on my trip. I’ll be following along to see how you make out. 🙂

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