Giving It 100

In my effort to learn as much as I can about Panama as I can, a friend’s blog I follow was a recent inspiration to me.  In her blog which you can read here, my friend Kris is accomplishing a 100 day challenge.  She was quite inspirational for me to do the same, so I decided to learn a new word in Spanish every day for 100 days.  You can follow me on this website, and my personal videos here

My word choices will be random, whatever word strikes my fancy for that day, and since I’m just getting over a sinus infection and have a very raspy voice, I decided to have cough syrup as my first word.

This will be a fun challenge and I hope to learn even more Spanish as we continue to prepare for our move to Panama!


4 thoughts on “Giving It 100

    • Thanks Shell I also love Duolingo and it’s really helpful. I think I know more than I give myself credit for. I decided to try to learn out of the ordinary or obscure words with the 100 challenge. And it’s just plain fun! You can do it!

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