Time Flies When You’re Busy!

Hello to all my ten (I think) followers! ¬†ūüôā ¬†It’s been a hectic month and I apologize for not posting much. ¬†I’ve been crazy busy with work and trying to get our house ready for sale. ¬†I’ve been busy updating countertops/sinks and faucets, towel bars, painting doors and trim, staining and just general decluttering and cleaning. ¬†I think we will be done in two weeks. ¬†We are just waiting on the arrival of our master bath countertop and sinks. ¬†We had to special order it because it is 7 feet long. ¬†I’m just praying it comes in one piece and isn’t broken which would mean a delay. ¬†I plan on having the old one removed so once the new one comes, bing I can just attach the new faucets and pop it in place. ¬†


That got me to thinking, are home owners allowed to work on their own homes in Panama? ¬†I don’t mean like major renovations, I mean like updating, installing new toilets, changing light fixtures, perhaps a patio, etc.? ¬†Anyone out there know? ¬†I would be curious to know. ¬†I know the plumbing and all that is different, but I’m a very quick learner and have quite the aptitude for that kind of stuff. ¬†Hubby is awesome at yard work and has spread at least 60 bags of mulch so far. ¬†We opted for bags over a big dumpster full because it’s easier and quicker to disperse. ¬†Plus, it doesn’t make a mess in your driveway. ¬†So while I’m busy updating our house, he is busy cooking, which he is so incredibly good at (his parents were both chefs) and doing laundry etc. ¬†What an awesome guy. ¬†¬†


It has also been quite an interesting journey regarding obtaining our residency.  We have all of our documents Apostilled except for HB (hunny bunny) Social Security income document.  We sent it off to the US Dept of State as indicated on the website.  They sent it back stating that it needs to be sent to our state (Wisconsin) Apostille place.  Okay, so off it goes.  Nope, they sent it back too, stating it goes to the US Dept of State in Washington.  So meanwhile, we are starting to feel like we are just getting ready for real life in Panama, at least according to many of you and your dealings with government.  That was meant to be funny.  Insert laugh here.  


Okay, so HB gets all prettified, and wow he looks so handsome when he is dressed up and in a suit, and physically goes down to the Wisconsin Dept of State here in Madison. ¬†The woman there shows him a printout of what the US Dept of State apostilles, and yep, Social Security documents are on there. ¬†Okay, so HB calls the US Dept of State in Washington, talks to someone on the telephone and she says she needs to ask someone, so she will call him back in 24-48 hours, so be sure he has his phone on him. ¬†What? ¬†Okay, so 48 hours later, no phone call. ¬†So he calls again, talks to an awesome lady, I don’t think I should say her name here, and she says send it again, and this time send it directly to ME. ¬†She received it on Monday. ¬†I’m keeping my fingers crossed, because David’s FBI report expires July 13. ¬†


It’s all so busy, hoping our house sells fast (please no negative comments, I can dream can’t I?), and being able to move before our time runs out. ¬†Or…I need to take a week off of work and go down, but since I haven’t technically “earned” my vacation yet, I will have to pay it back when I leave my job, provided I leave before September. ¬†But, I don’t care, it will be worth it. ¬†So, keeping our fingers crossed and hoping things go well. ¬†Houses are selling pretty well in our area, and we have a nice house in a good neighborhood. ¬†We don’t plan on over pricing. ¬†So….trying not to be anxious. ¬†


So that is what is going on lately.  Here are a few before and after pics to enjoy.  ImageImageImageImageImageImage