Garage Sale

We had a garage sale on Friday and Saturday.  It was more successful than we thought it would be, and it allowed us to declutter and get rid of things we don’t want to take with us when we move.  We also met a lot of our neighbors we hadn’t met before.  We have only lived in our house for three years, and it was kind of funny because they would ask us how we liked it here, and we would tell them we like it a lot, but have plans to move to Panama.  Some had a funny look like, why in the world would you want to move there?  The other half were interested in knowing why and what was there and more details.  A few had even thought about moving there themselves.  It was a fun day and we made enough money selling our unneeded items, that we were able to replace three doors in our garages and I installed a new bathroom countertop, sink and faucet.  Oh, new vanity door handles too.  photo-6

Even the signs that HB had from when he ran for town office were sold.  And someone else bought the saw horses the boards were on. I mean, really, how much better could it have been?!


2 thoughts on “Garage Sale

  1. Thanks Kris! It’s been good going through all of this to help us get ready mentally and physically, but I will also be glad when it is all through.

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