Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument

Weekly Photo Challenge:  Monument

In this week’s challenge, show us your take on a monument (broadly defined). it could be a fresh angle on a well-knwon tourist site, or a place nobody knows outside your community. It doesn’t even have to be an official monument. A legendary coffeehouse, a churchyard cemetary, the remains of a treehouse you’d built as a kid–anything can be monumental as long as it’s imbued with a shared sense of important.

I was trying to decide what to post for this week’s challenge. The cemetery across the road seemed obvious with it’s ancient headstones dating back from the late 1800’s, or Jimmy the Groundhog in downtown Sun Prairie, but as I was looking through my pictures, this one just kept catching my intrigue. I made this heart in the sand in Jamaica, obviously on 12/13/2011. Our good friends were getting married there and it was the first trip my now husband and I took together. It was momentous for us, because we realized on that trip, that we were meant to be together, and to build our lives together. It was a really wonderful week away from the freezing cold of Wisconsin, but the best part was that it was the beginning of our lives together.


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