Garage Sale

We had a garage sale on Friday and Saturday.  It was more successful than we thought it would be, and it allowed us to declutter and get rid of things we don’t want to take with us when we move.  We also met a lot of our neighbors we hadn’t met before.  We have only lived in our house for three years, and it was kind of funny because they would ask us how we liked it here, and we would tell them we like it a lot, but have plans to move to Panama.  Some had a funny look like, why in the world would you want to move there?  The other half were interested in knowing why and what was there and more details.  A few had even thought about moving there themselves.  It was a fun day and we made enough money selling our unneeded items, that we were able to replace three doors in our garages and I installed a new bathroom countertop, sink and faucet.  Oh, new vanity door handles too.  photo-6

Even the signs that HB had from when he ran for town office were sold.  And someone else bought the saw horses the boards were on. I mean, really, how much better could it have been?!


Getting Ready for Sale

This is what else I’ve been up to recently.  


This is the before photo.  The white faucet was hideous.  At least I thought so.  



Did you want the 1/2 inch or the 3/8 inch?  My little helper.  She was pretty much by my side the whole time making sure I did the job right.  Now if she only had thumbs to hand me the tools!


Almost done!  I still need to attach the backsplash, but I need to repair the wall first.  I think it is a definite improvement!  

Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument

Weekly Photo Challenge:  Monument

In this week’s challenge, show us your take on a monument (broadly defined). it could be a fresh angle on a well-knwon tourist site, or a place nobody knows outside your community. It doesn’t even have to be an official monument. A legendary coffeehouse, a churchyard cemetary, the remains of a treehouse you’d built as a kid–anything can be monumental as long as it’s imbued with a shared sense of important.

I was trying to decide what to post for this week’s challenge. The cemetery across the road seemed obvious with it’s ancient headstones dating back from the late 1800’s, or Jimmy the Groundhog in downtown Sun Prairie, but as I was looking through my pictures, this one just kept catching my intrigue. I made this heart in the sand in Jamaica, obviously on 12/13/2011. Our good friends were getting married there and it was the first trip my now husband and I took together. It was momentous for us, because we realized on that trip, that we were meant to be together, and to build our lives together. It was a really wonderful week away from the freezing cold of Wisconsin, but the best part was that it was the beginning of our lives together.

My Fun Find


I’m still working on my Spanish and determined to learn as much as I can while still here getting ready for the big move. I went to the big book store in Madison and picked up a few things. I was really excited to find the Medical Spanish. I went to school for health information, and I type medical reports as part of my job. I’ve always liked words and anything medical, so I was extra happy to find this. Plus, I think it could come in handy if we ever had a medical emergency. Yes, I know about Rodney which is an awesome resource, and I would not hesitate to use him if I needed to. But, it’s so much fun looking over the words and seeing what the Spanish word is compared to the English. Many of the words are surprisingly very similar.

Things are also really starting to move along as far as our planning goes. We’ll be having a garage sale next weekend, the Sunday after Easter. Our neighborhood is having the annual garage sale then, so hopefully we can sell more things. So far Craigslist has been very successful too. Our house is getting close to being ready to put on the market, and the real estate market here has been pretty good, so I’m hopeful our house will sell fast. And, I’m hoping my gut instinct is right. But, it will sell when the time is right, whether that be today or manana.

We have received two of our Apostille documents back and are waiting for one more document, then we will plan a trip to get the process started and get our Panama driver’s license started too. I’ve been very happy with our attorney so far. He has been so helpful and professional. I know someone else who used him and was very pleased. I’m hoping our process goes just as smoothly. But, it is Panama, so one just never knows!

Please Buy My Junk, er, I Mean High-Quality Items For Sale…

Wow, it’s been a while since I posted.  It’s really time consuming trying to get ready to move out of the country!  And all of you people who have done it before me, thanks for all the great advice you’ve shared!  We are making progress and have beeng selling some of our bigger items on Criagslist.  We’re busy getting the house ready and trying to declutter.  We will be having a garage sale the last weekend in April.  After that, we put our house on the market.  It’s kind of funny trying to sell your items. I’m really not attached to much of my stuff, and the few things I am attached to, are coming along with me.  I don’t care what I have to do to bring them.  Like the beautiful crystal glassware our really good friends gave us as a wedding gift.  Sorry, NOT leaving those behind!  I plan on bringing those along in my carry on.  I better check first to be sure I can…  The one thing I’m bringing that I really care about not having anything happen to is my kitty, Jasmine.  She is young, only 1-1/2 years old, just barely an adult.  We made it through the teenage years without too much rebellion and late night partying.   Sometimes we would come downstairs in the morning and a lamp would be tipped over, and the rugs flipped halfway over, and the one lonley plant we have having been dug in like a sandbox.  I did learn that glass marbles on top solves that problem.  So as we are selling our “stuff” it’s funny how someone will come to look at one item, and end up buying other things.  One person came to buy my Kitchen Aid Mixer, and he ended up buying a bunch of fishing things.  Another one came to buy a stove, and they ended up buying a bunch of other things.  Hey, it’s all good and I’m glad to get rid of it!  I’m not looking forward to the garage sale, but yet I know it’s the best way to declutter and unload some of our earthly items we really don’t need to bring.  We are going the bare bones route and only bringing what we can pack in our suitcases.  It’s actually kind of freeing at the same time, not to be weighed down as we travel.  It makes the trip easier.  So, anyone want to buy a capuccino maker?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

Weekly Photo Challenge:  Threshold

A threshold is a point of entering; that point just before a new beginning – that split-second moment in time, full of anticipation. All the hard work is over; relief is palpable.

This week’s photo challenge was an easy one for me to post. This photo is from my wedding a year ago February. I was standing outside the chapel in Las Vegas, waiting for the last guest to be seated before I could enter and walk down the aisle. For me, it was a new beginning, a new step into my future and into the life and relationship I’ve always dreamed of. And now it was becoming reality. Yeah, yeah, call me a dreamer, I mean after all, I’ve been *accused* of that my whole life. But what’s wrong with being a dreamer? It means I don’t settle for less and I live the life I have to pinch myself to believe is real. And this picture for me captures that moment of anticipation, a new beginning, the threshold of my life with another person. I cried through the entire ceremony, and I’m not someone who likes to be transparent with my tears, but I was so happy I just couldn’t hold it in, nor did I want to. I savored the entire day, and ahh, what lasting, make-you-smile-as-you-think-about-it memories I have.

Now as we begin this new trek in our life, we will be crossing another threshold. Hopefully one as we step through the airplane door and into our new homeland. As we step out into our future, I will be stepping over many thresholds, and how exciting and alive they can be!