We finally have all of our documents and are ready to send them off to receive the Apostille stamp. I feel fortunate that we found an attorney recommended by someone and he has been really very helpful so far. He has great communication and is very clear and direct in what we needed to do. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I’ve heard stories from others, and I sure hope that doesn’t happen to us. We are bringing our cat and I don’t want to have to do a border run and leave her alone for a weekend.

It feels like the time is flying and every day when I look at the calendar I can’t believe how much I still have to do! I’m sure everyone who has moved already felt this at some point. We plan on selling almost everything and only bringing suitcases and our cat, Jasmine. Today I sold my Kitchen Aid mixer and David sold a bunch of fishing equipment. We plan on having a garage sale in the spring when the weather is nicer. The big IF is when our house will sell. The market is starting to pick up again in Wisconsin, and we have updated our house a lot, so I am hopeful it won’t take too long. But I am patient, and it will sell when the time is right. I’m really glad we started our residency before we got there. It seems like it will be easier this way, at least for us. It means we have to make a quick trip to Panama City to get the ball rolling, but that’s okay, I really miss Panama and am looking forward to living there!


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