Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

This is my first weekly photo challenge. It was fun to do this and I’m pretty pleased with my pictures. I took these on my daily walk in the basement where I work.





I posted the perspective picture first then a regular picture of what it is. Obviously a hallway and a cart.


4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

  1. I especially like the second one. Is that the perspective pic? The black and white really works, adds to sense of desolation. I hope it feels better than it looks when you walk there!

    • Yes, the second one is the perspective. I’m still new at figuring out this WordPress stuff. And I’m a techie person, but they posted backwards of how I uploaded them. No biggie. It looks much creepier than it actually is. There are usually people walking around in the basement because it’s where the nurses and aides enter and leave the building. I work in a nursing home, but we are a specialized facility meaning in order to live there you have to have a psychaitric illness, either schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s, etc. It has a very interesting history. Our building is new and we’ve only been in it now for about 3 years. The old building was quite creepy and VERY old and was torn down. The best part of my job though are the residents.

      • Sometimes they post in some random order too. I either upload them one at a time, or for a gallery I always have to rearrange them back into the order I want.
        How good you enjoy your work.

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