Things I will miss



This morning when I left for work I was surprised by what I saw as I backed out of my driveway. Wisconsin was a beautiful winter wonderland full of glitter and sparkly snow! It was so pretty it almost took my breath away. Well, the cold did that for me. I stopped to snap a few picks because it was so pretty I wanted to share how pretty the ice and snow really can be. So, I started thinking about things that I will miss once we make the move to Panama. Of course, there will also be a lot of things I will NOT miss, and the lifestyle we really enjoy is easier in Panama than Wisconsin.

This is just a beginning list. Things I will miss:
1. My family. David’s family all live in California. I’m sure we will visit.
2. Our friends.
3. David’s three Airedales. They live with David’s ex-wife and they come to visit us on the weekends. They are so adorable I just love them!
4. Being able to stop over at the green coffee store and pick up our coffee for roasting.
5. The beauty of Wisconsin in the winter.
6. One stop shopping.
7. Dependable water and internet.
8. Having a car. We will get one eventually, but will not have one at first.
9 Street Addresses to navigate where I need to go.
10. My 72 inch t.v. πŸ™‚

I’m sure the list will grow, but maybe not. I think the benefits of living in Panama will outweight the few things I will miss. And none of these things are really that important except for our friends, family and pets.

I would be curious to know what are some things that you miss being in Panama?


5 thoughts on “Things I will miss

  1. My husband misses having mail service. I miss street signs and addresses, but I’d probably would have been just as lost with them since I have no sense of direction. I miss asking a question and always understanding the answer, but that is finally getting better. The benefits FAR outweigh any of this though!
    Do you roast your own coffee? Wow, that’s not easy, is it?

    • I actually have a fairly decent sense of direction. I’m working on the Spanish. I went to the library and picked up the full Pumsleur set. I can listen in my car and while I’m at work a lot of the day. I have a long way to go but I will keep at it. And yes we are coffee snobs LOL. With a small roaster it’s not that hard but it’s so good and Boquete coffee is one of our favorites!

      • I started with Pimsleur too and think it helped me enormously!
        Interesting about the coffee roaster. If I ever get a coffee plant I’ll have to remember that it can be done.

      • I’m amazed at how fast I’m understanding! We plan on buying a new roaster to bring along. It’s about the size of a blender. So when we get together we can have delicious, fresh coffee. It really is asambroso!

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