Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

Weekly Photo Challenge:  Reflections

Park in Anaheim, California

This photo was taken last Christmas in California. David’s three sisters live in California and it was wonderful to visit them for the holidays. We went walking almost every day in this beautiful park, and even took her golden retriever with us on a few occasions. The reflection theme has been an interesting one for me, as we are preparing for our move to Panama. HB and I have been reflecting on how much our lives will change and how much we have changed in this past year. Reflections…a very good word in every way.



We finally have all of our documents and are ready to send them off to receive the Apostille stamp. I feel fortunate that we found an attorney recommended by someone and he has been really very helpful so far. He has great communication and is very clear and direct in what we needed to do. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I’ve heard stories from others, and I sure hope that doesn’t happen to us. We are bringing our cat and I don’t want to have to do a border run and leave her alone for a weekend.

It feels like the time is flying and every day when I look at the calendar I can’t believe how much I still have to do! I’m sure everyone who has moved already felt this at some point. We plan on selling almost everything and only bringing suitcases and our cat, Jasmine. Today I sold my Kitchen Aid mixer and David sold a bunch of fishing equipment. We plan on having a garage sale in the spring when the weather is nicer. The big IF is when our house will sell. The market is starting to pick up again in Wisconsin, and we have updated our house a lot, so I am hopeful it won’t take too long. But I am patient, and it will sell when the time is right. I’m really glad we started our residency before we got there. It seems like it will be easier this way, at least for us. It means we have to make a quick trip to Panama City to get the ball rolling, but that’s okay, I really miss Panama and am looking forward to living there!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

I love nature and hiking, and I also enjoy learning. When I was little I always dreamed of being able to fly in the clouds like the birds do. So for this week’s photo challenge I’m posting a pic of being inside the clouds. This was taken on our way to St. John, but I love how the clouds look like waves and it actually feels like you’re inside and in between the clouds.


Things I will miss



This morning when I left for work I was surprised by what I saw as I backed out of my driveway. Wisconsin was a beautiful winter wonderland full of glitter and sparkly snow! It was so pretty it almost took my breath away. Well, the cold did that for me. I stopped to snap a few picks because it was so pretty I wanted to share how pretty the ice and snow really can be. So, I started thinking about things that I will miss once we make the move to Panama. Of course, there will also be a lot of things I will NOT miss, and the lifestyle we really enjoy is easier in Panama than Wisconsin.

This is just a beginning list. Things I will miss:
1. My family. David’s family all live in California. I’m sure we will visit.
2. Our friends.
3. David’s three Airedales. They live with David’s ex-wife and they come to visit us on the weekends. They are so adorable I just love them!
4. Being able to stop over at the green coffee store and pick up our coffee for roasting.
5. The beauty of Wisconsin in the winter.
6. One stop shopping.
7. Dependable water and internet.
8. Having a car. We will get one eventually, but will not have one at first.
9 Street Addresses to navigate where I need to go.
10. My 72 inch t.v. 🙂

I’m sure the list will grow, but maybe not. I think the benefits of living in Panama will outweight the few things I will miss. And none of these things are really that important except for our friends, family and pets.

I would be curious to know what are some things that you miss being in Panama?

It’s the little things


Today a friend from work gave me this little green turtle charm. If you didn’t know I like turtles. I just think they’re really cute. O even have a turtle tattoo. It started when my mom went to Florida and brought me back a pink spotted turtle refrigerater magnet many years ago.

So I named my little green turtle charm Esmerelda and placed her on my computer monitor. I never used to like the color green. I don’t know why I never cared for it, but it’s really starting to grow on me. My mom’s favorite color was green, and as I get older, when I see certain things it reminds me of her. Like yellow roses which were her favorite and she grew in her garden, morning glories and the color green. Whenever she had a choice of color for anything, she would always choose green. Her kitchen was green for as long as I can remember. She also appreciated the little things in life. She loved to walk and enjoyed walking as much as she could and couldn’t wait for the snow and ice to disappear so she could walk outside again after winter was over. Being in Boquete this last January, all the green really made me appreciate how much I have. All the green made me think of my mom and how she appreciated the little things in life. She loved her grandkids and enjoyed spending time with them gardening, playing games or reading books.

So this morning when I received Esmerelda and she was green, it just made me reflect and think of these things, and how I’m looking forward to starting this new chapter in my life. The chapter that has already started and I hope never ends, because I’m enjoying it so immensely. As I drove to work in 0 degrees (again) today, looking at green Esmerelda reminds me of the green of Panama and how I can’t wait to be able to go hiking every day, to have papaya every day for breakfast with lime juice sprinkled on top. Yep, another green. So my appreciation for green is growing by the day. I still have so much to do and am continuing my daily duty to get to my green life. But I’m enjoying the journey as I follow the path that will lead us to Panama.