Art wall in Boquete


I saw this painted wall in Boquete and wanted to take a pic to remember it. It’s one block off the main street, and I wonder if there are any others like this, or even how many people have seen this one. I hope it brings a smile to their face like it did mine.


3 thoughts on “Art wall in Boquete

  1. This wall is the only one of its kind in Boquete (there are a few buildings in town with similar murals), but one of countless in Latin America painted by the infinitely talented Pabliu Lucero, a good friend of mine. He’s based in Panama City now, check out his site and all his other incredible work!

    His girlfriend also owns a t shirt printing biz in Panama City, Viva La Vida Taller de Estampacion, turning his works (and other great designs) into wearable art!

    • Thank you Rachel! I love his Picasso-esque style. I will definitely check out the rest. Thank you so much for directing me to where I can see more of his work!

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