Snow In Wisconsin…again



Yes snow again. It’s not unusual to snow in Madison this time if year, or even in late March or April. But now that I have my eyes on the prize of moving to Panama, it’s even harder to tolerate the snow and cold. I’m not looking forward to my commute home today which will be three times longer due to the weather.

It’s been really interesting all the feelings that are popping up as we have begun what I call our “daily duty” to prepare for the move. Every day we are trying to make one more preparation to move. Whether it’s selling another item on Craigslist or buying new appliances to hopefully make our house sell faster. I’m looking forward to not having the long commute to work Monday through Friday. I’m looking forward to telecommuting part time and being able to spend more time with my best friend and husband enjoying our sacred morning coffee time together, being able to hike every day, having fresh fruits and veggies year round, and to also spend more time being creative with photography. I’m sure there will be things I miss terribly. But I’m an optimist and love a good adventure. This will definitely be that!

Two big things I need to work on right now are finding a company to work part time for and to get our house ready for sale. I worked from home before so know what to expect from that. It’s the nit knowing how long our house will take to sell and how quickly things will move from there that has my attention. I’m not a worrier and I know it will all work out in God’s perfect timing. I just wish sometimes I was in charge of the timing. But I’m content to hang on and enjoy the process and experience. To all my blogging friends, thank you for sharing your experiences. It’s so helpful!


One-Year Anniversary!

One-Year Anniversary!

Today is my wedding anniversary!  My husband and I were married one year ago in Las Vegas, and all three of his sisters were able to attend.  It was a wonderful, memorable day I will cherish forever.  I made this video as an anniversary gift for my husband.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed putting it together.  

Boquete from above


We had the wonderful experience of meeting a farmer who lived in the hillside of Boquete. He gave us a tour of his farm. This is what he sees every day. Volcan Baru is in the far reaches of the pic and Boquete below. What a sweet man to share his life with us for a brief moment in time. He asked us if we would come visit him when we return. He spoke no English but David spoke enough Spanish to just communicate. I’m looking forward to another visit. He had guandu beans, maize, platano, limes, oranges, coffee and many colorful flowers.